1. Choose Your Type Of Wing:


[Lightly Breaded] Scrumptious and Juicy
Lightly Seasoned


[Non-Breaded] Simple and Flavorful


[Boneless Bites] Bite-Sized, Mess-Free
Lightly Breaded

2. Choose Your Quantity:


1 Flavour


4 Flavours


2 Flavours


5 Flavours


3 Flavours


10 Flavours

3. Choose Your Heat Setting:

No Heat



Extra Hot


On Fire

4. Choose Your Flavor:

Includes our signature fries, celery, carrots, and dip (Single and double orders only).
Boneless and classic wings orders served with 10 wings. Traditional wings served with 8 wings.
*Substitute fries for a poutine for only $2

The Legends

heat_1 BBQ
heat_1 Smokey BBQ
heat_1 Rodney’s Revenge
heat_1 Honey Garlic
heat_1 Teriyaki
heat_1 Forty Creek BBQ
heat_1 Korean BBQ
heat_2 Mild
heat_2 Butter Chicken
heat_2 My Thai
[Sweet Chili]
heat_3 Caribbean Jerk
heat_3 Medium
heat_4 Hot
heat_4 Dry Seasoning
heat_5 Xtra Hot

Magnificent 7

heat_1 Mustang Sally [BBQ + Hickory]
heat_1 Honky Tonk 
[Ultimate BBQ + Honey Garlic]
heat_1 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 
[Golden Mustard + Pineapple Mango Curry]
heat_2 Bareback Jack 
[BBQ + Jerk + Wild Jerk]
heat_3 Ride Sally Ride 
[Naked Buffalo + Medium]
heat_4 Hang ‘Em High
[Southern Heat + Wild Jerk]
heat_5 She’s a Hottie 
[Xtra Hot + Spontaneous Combustion]

Let’s Get Naked

heat_1 Butt Naked [It Is What It Is]
heat_1 Chucky Cheddar 
[Easy Peasy Cheesy]
heat_1 Dry Cajun 
[From The Deep South]
heat_1 Garlic Garlic 
[Get The Mints Out]
heat_1 Hickory Dickory Dock 
[Mouse Ran Up The Clock]
heat_1 Lemon Pepper 
[Very Zesty]
heat_1 Mystery 
[Better Than The Novel]
heat_1 Mighty Taco [Mighty Taco Tasty]
heat_1 Smoked Applewood 
[How Do You Like Them Apples?]
heat_2 Naked Buffalo

heat_2 Bare Back Bubba 
[Dry Jerk]
heat_2 Mango Chipotle [¡Andele! ¡Andele! ¡Arriba! ¡Arriba!]
heat_4 Southern Heat 
[Y’all Come Back Now Ya Hear!]
heat_4 Spicy Lemon 
[Hot + Dry + Zesty]

Wet ‘n Wild

heat_1 Saddle Up [Caesar + Dill]
heat_3 Some Beach 
[Caesar + Dill + Medium]
heat_4 Red Hot and Blue 
[Blue Cheese + Hot]
heat_4 Hot Dill Pickle 
[Dill + Hot]
heat_4 Spicy Gar Par 
[Caesar + Parmesan + Hot]
heat_5 Cadillac Ranch 
[Caesar + Ranch + Xtra Hot]
heat_5 Home On The Ranch 
[Ranch + Xtra Hot]

Backyard BBQ

heat_1 Bonnie and Clyde [Maple + Hickory Dickory Dock]
heat_1 Whiskey Girl 
[BBQ + Dill]
heat_1 Angels On The Moon 
[BBQ + Blue Cheese]
heat_1 Maui Waui 
[BBQ + Pineapple Mango Curry]
heat_1 Wild West 
[BBQ + Golden Mustard]
[BBQ + Caribbean Jerk]
Dirty Nelly 
[BBQ + Medium]
 Spicy BBQ [BBQ + Hot]
heat_5 Bubba’s Backfire 
[BBQ + Xtra Hot]

Feeling Chippy

heat_1 All Dressed [With Somewhere To Go]
heat_1 Dill Pickle 
[Get Pickled]
heat_1 Ketchup 
[Like The Chips]
heat_1 Salt + Vinegar 
[You Figure It Out]
heat_1 Salt + Pepper 
[Meet Your Daddy]
heat_1 Sour Cream & Onion 
[Not So Sour]

Creamy ‘n Messy

heat_1 Blue Eyed Blonde [Blue Cheese]
heat_1 Come Get Some 
heat_1 Peppercorn Ranch 
heat_1 Gar Par 
[Caesar + Parmesan]

Giddy Up Cowboy

heat_1 Black Jack [Teriyaki + Ultimate BBQ]
heat_1 Blue Moonshine 
[Blue Cheese + Ultimate BBQ]
Whiskey Bar 
[Sweet Chili + Ultimate BBQ]

Smokey Bones

heat_1 Smokey Mountain [Smokey BBQ + Teriyaki]
heat_1 Sweet Smoke 
[Smokey BBQ + Honey Garlic]
heat_1 Smokin’ Dill 
[Smokey BBQ + Dill]
heat_1 Smokin’ Ranch 
[Smokey BBQ + Ranch]
heat_1 Smokey Blues 
[Smokey BBQ + Blue Cheese]
heat_1 Smokey Gar Par 
[Smokey BBQ + Caesar + Parmesan]
Smoked Thai 
[Smokey BBQ + Sweet Chili]
heat_3 Smoke That Jerk 
[Smokey BBQ + Caribbean Jerk]
Sweatin’ Bullets
 [Smokey BBQ + Xtra Hot + Spontaneous Combustion]

Short ‘n Sweet

heat_1 Smoked Chocolate [Smokey BBQ + Chocolate]
 Rhinestone Boots 
[Sweet Chili + Raspberry]

Hot ‘n Bothered

I Am Canadian [Mild + Maple]
 Spaghetti Western 
[Medium + Parmesan + Italian]
 Buckin’ Bronco [Medium + Lemon Pepper]
[Hot + Golden Mustard]
Who’s Your Daddy [Teriyaki + Xtra Hot]
 Ring Of Fire 
[Xtra Hot + Spontaneous Combustion + Southern Heat]

Honey I’m Home

 Awesome Honey [Honey Garlic + Golden Mustard]
Honey BBQ 
[Honey Garlic + BBQ]
Texas Honey 
[Honey Garlic + Maple]
Honey Buns 
[Honey Garlic + Teriyaki]
Honey Blues 
[Honey Garlic + Blue Cheese]
Dill-icious Honey 
[Honey Garlic + Dill]
Honey Jerk
 [Honey Garlic + Caribbean Jerk]
 Honey Honey 
[Honey Garlic + Hot]