Wanna be part of the team?

The most important aspect of our operations is our staff. They are responsible for creating the best experience for our customers. We are committed to hire the best because our customers deserve the best. As part of our team, we want you to grow professionally and personally. By joining us, you will be part of a team that has a passion for food and strives for success. Here are just a few reasons you should consider joining our family.

Be Part of a Fun Team

We don’t want our staff to come in everyday thinking they are just going to work. While providing a great experience for our customers, we want you to have a great experience as well. When you come in to work, you will not be among co-workers. You will be among friends. Laugh, Share, and have fun while being the best.

Our History

The first Wild Wing opened in 1999. That means we have over a decade of experience behind us. Not many restaurants specialize in chicken wings. That means we are one of a kind. We challenge you to find another restaurant that has over 100 + flavors of wings.

Money, Money, Money

With over 100 locations opened across the country, we are the most popular chicken wings franchise in Canada. The reason we continue to thrive is that our restaurants are well managed. But that’s not just good for us. Because the better our stores run, the more money goes into our staffs pockets.


Location is everything. Every restaurant is strategically located to maximize profits. That is why we have come to the west coast. Vancouver is one of the most visited tourist cities in the country. Many come from all over the world to view the beautiful scenery that is British Columbia. Of course, we haven’t forgot about our locals either.

You Grow With Us

This might be the most opportune time to join us. Wild Wing has become increasingly popular in other provinces due to its success. And now with the first store opening in British Columbia, you have the opputunity that many others have benefited from by joining our team while we establish our roots in Beautiful British Columbia.

We are looking for both Front House as well as Kitchen staff. Both teams will work together to provide the best experience possible for our customers. So if you are a passionate, hard-working, and love to have fun in a professional environment, we would love for you to be part of the Wild Wing family.

Please download our application here.